Sozo Hosting Offers More Than Just Hosting Services

Sozo Hosting is known for more than just hosting and cloud services. Sozo Hosting also has a unique skillset to architect and build end to end enterprise infrastructure solutions while understanding Agile and SDLC methodologies. Our engineers have implemented dozens of end to end infrastructure platforms for small to medium sized companies, internet startups and also large corporations. Sozo Hosting has implemented many of these platforms in house within their hosting facilities and also several on-site on the customers premise location. Sozo understands how large corporations work, the change management process, system compliance and how to work with companies to deliver their in house or hosted infrastructure platforms.

Sozo hosting has partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix, EMC, Insight and companies that provide EIM (Enterprise Information Management) Systems. Partnering with these companies allows Sozo Hosting to stay on the cutting edge of technology and also provides Sozo Hosting the technical knowledge and resources needed to build each platform with excellence.

Whether you are looking for help with designing a new cloud environment, need to build a new end-to-end technology platform, or need to choose a new storage solution, Sozo Hosting has the experience and resources to help. Sozo can help you choose the best technology solution, design the infrastructure and finally build your new technology infrastructure platform. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at

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