Access your applications anywhere with Cloud Desktops

Cloud Desktops have many benefits such as centralized management, accessibility on any device from anywhere and an overall reduction of IT costs. This not only means you can run the Microsoft Office suite of products on your cloud desktops but also any application. Imagine being able to access your desk top from anywhere on any desktop, laptop or mobile device having your data stored in the secure cloud. So if your laptop breaks or is stolen, no problem, as your data is all backed up in the cloud so once you log on to your Cloud Desktop with another computer you are back in business.

There are a lot of cost savings with Cloud Desktops. Traditionally desktops and software are purchased for employees every few years as a refresh or whenever a new employee joins a company. The IT Department sets up all the security rules and account access to all systems they need access to. Then all the software and antivirus will be installed on the desktop or laptop. The IT department may perform all of this manually per employee or they may have standard images depending on which department the employee will work in. Maintaining these images is a large task in itself.

Usually the costs associated with a cloud desktop solution is for any customized software licensing , the monthly fee associated with the cost of each cloud desktop and a one-time setup fee. Here is where the savings come in, you can save on buying new hardware, as you can use your existing desktops /laptops, Ipads, Microsoft or Android tablets, Iphone/android phone and Macs to access your desktop as long as you have internet access. Basically you will be able to access your desktop from any device anywhere on the internet over an encrypted connection.

In regards to saving on software costs and maintenance, in the past you had to install the software and license on every desktop that would require the software. You had to keep up with software compliance, you had to install all software updates whenever a new update came out, you had to install all new operating system updates and virus updates. With Cloud Desktops you can centrally assign the amount of licenses or instances that are allowed to run and centrally assign this to an active directory group. This will reduce the work required for software management and compliance and ensure you do not exceed your allotted count of licenses. Also if your organization needs to upgrade software packages to the latest version or needs two versions on their systems your IT staff does not have to go to each employees system individually. The cloud desktop provider can deploy this once from the central management console and this would then provision the update or the additional version of the software to the required Cloud Desktops. This will significantly reduce management and configuration costs and allow you to reduce your overall IT costs.

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