Be Faithful in a Few Things

So are you looking for that promotion at work?  Are you looking to move to a higher pay grade? Do you ever wonder why you are overlooked for the manager or lead position? There is a parable that can apply to business and really anything in life. You must be faithful in a few things and you will be made ruler over many.  This sounds really simple doesn’t it?  Let me share a story with you.
There once were three men that were hired to dig a ditch. The first man  stood around all day dreaming about owning his own company, the second man worked but complained all day long about how much he disliked his job, the third man was quite and worked circles around the other two men.  A few years had passed, guess which man became owner of the company, the third man who kept quite and was faithful at his job.  This can be a lesson to all of us, if we want something we need to be faithful at the job at hand. 

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