Converting Physical Servers to Virtual – P2V

Converting a physical server to a virtual server is very useful for moving your infrastructure into the cloud and also for having a redundant set of your servers in another datacenter for disaster recovery purposes.  Recently we have had clients just want their servers set up in the cloud for redundancy in case there was a system failure at their office or a form of natural disaster. With the cloud systems in place we would be able to quickly spin up the cloud servers within the hour with minimal downtime for the business. This would be a life saver for most businesses and is a very cost effective solution to give the business owner some peace of mind. 
You may ask next, well how do you create a virtual system from a physical system?

We would run a conversion tool that would essentially run in the background of your system.  It could take a few hours to complete.  This conversion tool creates a few files that make up your server, these files are then uploaded to the cloud environment and the virtual systems are then prepared. Again this could be done with servers in an office and with systems in any datacenter.  Once they are created they are just uploaded into the cloud environment and then you would have redundant systems.

Written by Sozo Hosting technical team:

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