Enterprise Video Management Systems with Best in Class EMC ISILON

EMC ISILON is best in Class Solution for Enterprise Video Surveillance Systems. With the Isilon you can easily centrally manage the VMS (video management system) and storage and scale out as required. On the edge there will be small caching devices used to queue the video and pass it back to the central system. Isilon teams with leading VMS vendors to create reliable, scalable, and easy-to-manage end-to-end solutions that have undergone rigorous interoperability testing and certification so you can focus on video surveillance rather than the technology that enables it. Storage setup requires few people and fewer steps. Isilon is a powerful scale-out storage platform that is easy to expand, accelerate, protect and secure— all while driving down TCO. With Isilon scale-out NAS, you don’t need to add storage administrators as your storage grows. One person can easily manage petabytes of data. Even security professionals with limited IT capabilities can take command of their video without having to focus on managing storage.

Sozo Hosting is an EMC Reseller. For any questions contact dean.carrera@sozohosting.com – 1-800-640-4892.

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