How to copy a ESX VM over to another VM host server in another location?

I found a simple way to copy a VM from one ESX server to another. First shut off the VM you wish to copy, turning it off within virtual center sometimes is not enough. In our case we had to shut the VM down issuing a command from within the ESX command line. This link will provide you with pointers on how to turn the VM off at the command line . Next you will need ssh access to the ESX server. Once you have ssh access to the ESX host you will go to the /vmfs/volumes/datastore directory. Once in the directory, look for the VM you would like to copy. I found it is best to use a system that runs unix ( a mac command line works) to use scp to copy the VM directory to your local system. We tried using winscp on windows and it would crash when trying to copy the VMDK file, if you use windows you may need to download a unix emulator program like cygwin. If your VM is 10 of gigs in size keep in mind this could take some time to finish. We hope this helps. Let us know.

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