How To Cost Justify Cloud Desktops

There are many reasons why so many businesses are now using Cloud Desktops to manage their office. Here are some reasons why Cloud Desktops are such a big hit:

1) Accessibility: Apple Mac Desktop uses, IPhone users, smart phone users or any windows or non windows device that has an internet browser can now access and share the same windows applications that you want in the cloud.

2) Security: Security of your corporate data should be taken seriously. Data on desktop or laptop disk drives or flash drives could be lost, stolen or corrupted by a virus. For Cloud Desktops solutions, all the user files for Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks and other cloud applications are stored in the cloud and are backed up daily, so your data is safe. To give you an example of how fast you can recover from a data problem, if your laptop is stolen, or the hard disk crashes from a virus attack, you can walk over to another internet device in your organization, log on to the cloud and get access to your files in seconds since all your data is stored in the cloud.

3) File Access and Sharing: File sharing is very easy. When you have applications like QuickBooks or Microsoft Office that need to have files shared by more than 1 person, the cloud gives you the share permissions you need. Each person in your office has their own login id to the cloud. Each cloud desktop user can have ample GB of personal disk space on the cloud as well.

4) Total Management Costs: Setting up a new laptop image with the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks or other windows applications takes time and money. Even handling version control of Microsoft Office for each person in your office can be a headache when a user wants a newer version of Microsoft Office than the rest of the users. This is solved with Cloud Desktops. Cloud Desktops are cost effective and can save you many headaches and hours of work deploying new software for existing or new employees.

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