Managed Hosting

Forget about spending countless hours purchasing, deploying and managing your hardware, network and data center yourself. SoZo Managed Hosting Services will take care of those details for you at competitive rates. We provide you with the datacenter, redundant power, internet access, firewall security, servers, software licensing, backups and IT Staff. Instead of making a large financial investment in your own server hardware, software, network and security systems you can outsource your IT needs to us. SoZo Hosting has provided IT management and IT outsourcing to dozens of companies locally and nationwide.

Application Hosting

SoZo provides microsoft licensing and desktop connections for small businesses to use instead of purchasing their own licensing for each employee pc. Also these systems can be accessed from anywhere over a secure connection. The start up cost for this system is $55 per user with a minimum of 5 users. This will provide a business with 5 terminal server connections and the use of microsoft office. If you have other software or programs you would like us to install for the remote client connections we can also do this for you. This will allow your employees to access all their needed applications and have their own desktop from anywhere on the web.

Cost Justification – Buying software for each computer will cost you hundreds of dollars just for the licencing. Then there is the cost of your time installing it on each computer, maintaning it and bringing in new versions. With our cost at only $55 per user you can cost justify these Sozo Services instantly. Call us today at 1-800-640-4892, 678-640-0254.

SoZo can setup your own custom servers in their own private network to run your business infrastructure. These servers could include file servers, webservers, database servers or Virtualized Systems. We can customize your infrastructure as requested. Some of the operating systems that we support include: Windows 2003 / 2008 server, redhat, centos, solaris X86 and citrix Xen. Call or visit our site today for more information.

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