Office Expansion and Connectivity

Recently we had a client add another office on the other side of town. The old office became a satellite office and the new office became the main office. They moved to the new office and wanted to be able to connect their computers and voice over IP phones (VOIP) to the phone system and file servers at the new main office. They asked us how do we accomplish this? They did not want the big monthly expense of a metro-e connection or a form of MPLS connection to connect the two offices. They did have a firewall at the new office location however. We recommended that they invest in an affordable VPN firewall for the old office to replace the firewall that was moved to the new office. We assisted the client in purchasing an additional mid grade VPN (Virtual Private Network) firewall at a low cost for the old office. Once we set up the VPN firewall at the old office location and configured a VPN tunnel to the new office the two offices were then connected as if they were on one local area network. We were able to establish the connectivity between the new and old office at a very affordable cost and the client was happy and up and running that same day.

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