Redirecting from to for SEO

After doing some reading we noticed that we needed to make sure our site will redirect from to .  The reason this is important is to play nice with search engine indexing for SEO. If your site comes up for both and search engines like bing and google may interpret this as duplicate content. Duplicate content can cause your site to be penalized. We all know we don’t want this.  All your hard work to achieve high rankings and then you go from position 5 to 25. Not fun. So you may ask how do you do this. Well you would point an A record over in DNS to both www and non-www. Then at the web server itself you will need to set up a redirect from to  You will do this by creating a rule in your web server configuration that points all requests going to to go to www.  There are plenty of blog sites out there that provide nice instructions on how to do this for IIS and apache.  It will take about 10 minutes of work to set this up and keep all search engines happy.  Written By the Staff of Sozo Hosting

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