The 5 Necessities You Need in a Web Host

There are 5 critical necessities required for Web Hosting Excellence. Without these necessities your site and the service you receive will be unstable at best. So let’s start with the first necessity:

Necessity One -Uptime : It is critical that your servers websites and email stay up and running without ever going down. The only acceptable downtime should be scheduled downtime for maintenance.

Necessity Two – Prompt Support: It is vital that the customer have any issues they are having with their site or services be addressed within an hour of the support email, call or issued ticket. At Sozo Hosting, we seek to respond and have the issue resolved within the hour of the time the support request was made.

Necessity Three – Data Reliability: It is vital that a hosting company back-up all core systems and any servers that the clients request be backed up. Once the data is backed up it is critical that the data,files, folders and the entire system can be restored rapdily. At Sozo we recognize that good data integrity and back-ups are essential. We back-up all our core systems and client systems to ensure data integrity and back-ups for our clients.

Necessity Four – Quality: Our aim is not to simply keep a clients website up and running. It is crucial that the clients websites and servers come up and respond very quickly.

Necessity Five – Maintenance and Monitoring: Maintenance schedules to update core and client systems will ensure they are running optimally. It is also very important to proactively monitor the network and systems for any predictive failures or issues. With proactive monitoring the hosting support staff can react to the alert before there is a system or network outage.

Here at Sozo Hosting we work very hard to ensure that all 5 of these necessities are met for our clients in order to ensure the best and most reliable service possible.

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