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Website Marketing Tip: If you have a website it is very important to choose about 2 keywords to place in your site that you want search engines to index. So for example, if you sell kosher hot dogs in atlanta. Your keyword phrase that you would place on your site is Atlanta kosher hot dogs. You want to put this on page title tags, you want this about 3 times on each of your pages, you want to create alt tags on your images with this phrase and you should also have an actual webpage that is named atlantakosherhotdogs.html .

Ok once you do this you might say, what does this do? Well when someone goes to google and types in atlanta kosher hot dogs, since you have this keyword in your site you will be one of the results in the findings. Now to get yourself up higher in the findings you will need to have that keyword phrase placed on your website and also set up as a link (linking back to your site) on other websites and blogs etc. to bump up how high you are in the search engine rankings. Ask your web developer to help you with everything mentioned above, this has proved to work for us and many business on the web. Also once this is in place all you have to do is possibly make small adjustment here and there but you don’t have to spend extra money for web advertising. For the most part it will be in place.

A helpful site on the web I use to see if my keywords are within the first 100 listings for google, yahoo, bing is . Also another tool is , this tool will show you how many links you have to your site from your website and from other websites linking back to your site. Remember this takes some time, so be patient, but the more you work on this the higher your search engine rankings will be and the more calls you will get.

If you would like some help with your site keywords shoot us and email at . Also we provide a service that will give you over a dozen link backs to your website from other sites, business directories and blogs. Go to for more information on this or shoot us an email.

By the way, for the record I’m not a huge fan of hotdogs. 🙂

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